Chelsee Hewitt

ctDNA | Somatic

Chelsee Hewitt is the senior scientist in charge of Somatic Molecular Laboratory for solid tumours at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. The laboratory has 10 full time scientists that undertake tumour profiling based on massive parallel sequencing. She completed an Honours degree in Biology (with Professional Experience) and her PhD, which focused on ctDNA in oral cancer, at the University of Manchester.

Chelsee completed a five year post-doctoral position at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI) before moving to the Peter Mac. Chelsee has 15 years experience in molecular pathology and has been instrumental in translating novel somatic tests in a range of solid tumours and introducing technologies to the somatic diagnostic laboratory. She has also played a major role in setting up the dedicated Clinical Trial Pathology Group that offers testing to CROs and Pharma.