Dedicated research is the key to better treatments, better care and cures for cancer.


Our unique lab-to-bedside genomics model supports the implementation of novel tests and technologies.

Nexomic’s extensive capabilities, combined with our clinical and scientific expertise ensure we can serve as a key partner in cancer research programs.

Research into critical pathways driving cancer through the use of genomics has resulted in novel and innovative treatments that have led to improved quality of life and outcomes for patients.

Nexomics via its integration with Peter Mac’s leading basic and clinical cancer researchers is able to rapidly transfer these new findings into the clinic.

Our team performs horizon scanning for suitable new technologies that can be applied clinically. Nexomics also provides genomic testing for internationally renowned cohorts, including KConFab (familial breast/ovarian), Lifepool (breast screen population breast) the Australian Ovarian Cancer Study, the rapid autopsy program CASCADE, and the International Sarcoma Kindred Study that have large numbers of patient samples with rich clinical information and associated biospecimens.