Nexomics is a world leader in circulating tumour DNA analysis for molecular profiling and disease monitoring in cancer.


We are paving the way, offering these tests for a range of cancer patients and have partnerships in place with pharmaceutical companies to undertake testing for clinical trials as well as contract research and trial design.

Our most recent research:
Molecular disease monitoring using circulating tumor DNA in myelodysplastic syndromes

It provides ctDNA testing using multiple assays across a range of malignancies.  We are one of only a hand full of world leading centres that can provide ctDNA testing coupled with the clinical interpretation of results to help guide cancer management.

The novel approach means that disease status may be monitored from a simple blood test – rather than a tissue biopsy for example – at any time throughout the course of treatment, enabling rapid assessment if a patient relapses or fails to respond to a particular therapy.

Not only does this new test promise clinicians and patients a more timely understanding of whether a treatment is working, it gives scientists the ability to quickly and effectively evaluate how clinical trial patients are responding to new and life-saving therapies.